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Virtual Tours

Wondering how to offer the same learning experience like a field trip from the safety of a classroom? Let your student's curiosity come alive by taking part in our Virtual education program. All educational programs at the Greater Vancouver Zoo are designed to help you meet the British Columbia Ministry of Education curriculum and standards.

Our virtual programs are a fun, interactive, and educational way to experience the zoo at your location. With the use of animal artifacts and live animals, we provide customizable programs for a variety of different groups!


Tier 1 - Small animal virtual tour
Price: $110.00

Meet Kat and her small animals for a presentation

Join Kat with some of the small outreach animals.
Featuring: blue and gold macaw, Ball pythons, Tortoises and more.

Tier 2- Zookeeper virtual tour
Price: $180.00

Join one of zookeepers in a lesson about one of the animals they care for on their day-to-day route.

Featuring: Zebra, Reindeer, Sulcata tortoise

Tier 3 - Conservation virtual tour with zoologist
Price: $180.00

Conservation virtual tour with zoologist Menita Prasad

Join Menita as she goes over conservation efforts around the zoo and explaining what we can do to help animals in our own backyard.

Featuring: Conservation corner, with the Oregon spotted frogs, Taylor checkerspot butterfly and the western painted turtles

Tier 4 - Behind the scenes virtual tour
Price: $250.00

Get a up close behind the scenes experience with one of our behind-the scenes animals and our zookeepers.

Join one of our senior zookeepers in taking you in behind the scenes in their day-to-day routine, as well as meeting one of the behind-the-scenes animals.

Featuring: Red pandas, Giraffes, Black bears or Grizzly cubs

Tier 5 - Custom virtual tour (price varies)
Deposit Required $180.00
Price: $180.00

Combine two or more themes of our virtual tours together.

The Education Department will work with you to build your unique virtual experience.

Prices will vary. Please check with the registrar for actual pricing for your unique tour.