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Jr. Zoologist Summer Camp 2021
Why be a Jr. Zoologist at the GVZoo?

While at Jr. Zoologist camp you'll get to create enrichment for the animals, experience special encounters with some of our staff and animals, and of course enjoy playing games and making crafts.

2021 Jr. Zoologist Summer Camp
North American Wilds Camp
(July 5th - 9th & August 3rd - 6th)
Every animal has a home and a set of adaptations to help thrive in it, and North America is home to some of the best adaptors out there. Join us for the week to learn about the different animals that live in our very own backyard, the adaptations they use to survive here, and the perils that challenge them in our changing world, and how we can help them.

Myth Busters Camp
(July 12th - 16th & August 9th - 13th)
Did you know that porcupines don’t shoot their quills or have venom? Did you know that snakes aren’t slimy and toads won’t give you warts? Myths about animals are never-ending and we want to spend a whole week with you breaking down some of the more common myths to learn about the just-as-amazing facts.

Ecosystems Camp
(July 19th - 23rd & August 16th - 20th)
Ecosystems are the drivers of some spectacular adaptations and are the reason wood frogs can freeze solid to survive the winter and addax can go nearly an entire lifetime without drinking water. Join us for a week learning about what an ecosystem is, how they shape the animals that live there, and how ecosystems are changing every day.

4th Camp
(July 26th - 30th & August 23rd - 27th)
A very special, new addition is coming to the Zoo! This themed summer camp is one you won't want to miss! Announcement coming soon!
Session Summer camp: OPEN